About Community

Inspire India Society aim to spread love and care among the society because nothing great was ever achieved without inspiration, that’s why we aim to “Inspire”. I have been prescribed with a good lasting medicine called laughter. Laughter is the experience or manifestation of mirth, amusement, scorn, or joy. It is an essence, a movement that produces a sound. Laughter is a regular series of short, vowel-like syllables-that are usually transcribed in English as ha-ha, ho-ho, and he-he. It is one of my favorite emotions to show everyday, especially the laughter that brings you tears. They are the good ones. When we were children, we laughed about 400 times a day. As we get older and more serious, the amount narrows down. Adults laugh approximately 15 times per day. That it not enough! We can pretty much laugh at any time of the day and at anything we want. We all need a good laugh.

Shivendra Awasthi (Founder- Inspire India Society)

As the above quote itself says that we aim to inspire the NGO take an initiative to motivate people to be ethical towards the society and come forward with us and change the word “I” with “WE”, so that we can help together to take a good initiative with us with peace.

Mission of Inspire India Society:

Our mission is to reinforce the operational and administration limit of associations in the worldwide NGO group through viable coordinated effort, commonsense arrangements, proficient advancement, and support.

What Inspire India Society Do:

Our name focused on the preface that inside every worldwide alleviation or improvement NGO, there are center experts who give the structure, aptitude to help, achieve and effect of their association. We are devoted to fortify operational groups.

Inspire India Society is an Indian Non-Governmental Organization enrolled under Society Act that convey and forward its mission since last couple of years. The point of Inspire India Society is to enable youth by furnishing them with writing proficiency, training and mindfulness projects to make better wellbeing. Our association attempt to give equivalent chances of adapting in the developmental years of their lives notwithstanding captivating understudies of open and tuition based schools in different wellbeing instruction activities to the under privileges.

Further its vision has been effectively included in directing preparing workshops for essential, center, senior school youngsters and educators. These workshops have tended to imperative wellbeing related issues, for example stress, sexual mindfulness, spare young lady kid, consolation against the poor youngster instruction and saving future of poor child education.